Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Kit Contest

Can you believe it 2 post's in one day hehehe! I thought I would come back and post a little sneak preview of a new kit I'm working on. I need to get all the chores around the house done and I gotta to get to the grocery store to pick up things for dinner tonight! Okay your probably wondering what contest? well I have a little contest for you all,all you have to do is name my newest kit and the winner will recieve the kit along with a little extra goodie bag that will be a one of a kind exclusive to the winner.
One entry person with one name for the kit,So what are you waiting for! Send your entry to me by 10:00 central time Sunday night April 6th! put your thinking caps on and don't miss the deadline :o)


???What will be this Kit's Name???