Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Kit Christmas Sparkle

I swear if it isn't one thing it's another,I just spent 5 days in the hospital :o( it started saturday night and I didn't sleep a wink it was my tummy again! it was so big I looked like I was eight months pregnant :-o it got to the point I was having trouble breathing so I had my daughters boyfriend run me to the emergency room, they ended up draining off almost a gallon of fluid I had so much fluid it was going into my lungs, that's why I was having trouble breathing.
I cant belive they dont give you anything for pain when they stuck me with the needle in my side which looked like a square peg not a needle! Ouch! did that hurt and I dont ever want to go through that again. They put me on 2 different types of high blood pressure meds which the doctors explained they are used like a dieuretic, my blood pressure is already real low it runs in the family at one point while I was there it was 83 over 40! so the meds are dropping my blood pressure even lower and I tell ya I am so dizzy and seeing stars all day, I dont want to take them but if I dont I'll end up back in the hospital, I'm off work till the 17th so I managed to make a new christmas kit,I hope you all like it and visit my stores to pick it up :o) Well it's almost 5 am and I am heading to bed, God bless
Hugs&Love MissFoxy

Here's the preview

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