Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Kit,Dream in Color

I'm back with my latest design,I was in a conversation the other day and we were talking about dreams and do you dream in color or not,for the life of me I couldn't tell ya! lol that's something I never paid attention to or just cant remember if I do or not.Something to think about I guess and I'm going to write down my next dream and see if I can recall if I do dream in color.
Anywho here's my latest Kit it's has very vivid colors and texures,I had fun creating it :o)
This kit is full size Both elements and papers(3600x3600) were created at 300 dpi and all in png format.
This kit is huge 123 MB and jammed packed with tons of neat stuff
You can get it at my
Be on the lookout later this evening for a little freebie that goes with this kit ;o)

2 Beaded Dragonflys
4 Bows
2 Small LongBows
2 Embroided Ribbons
2 Embroided Ribbons with Bows
3 Tags
4 Buttons
2 Beautiful Laceups
6 Ric Racs
3 Buckle Hangers
1 Beaded string
2 Buckled Ribbons with plates
5 Flowers
3 Doodles
2 Decorated Charms
3 Wrap Frames
1 Clip Frame
10 Papers