Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And The Winner Is.............

I'm so sorry everyone that I didn't get this posted on time,stuff kept popping up at home that needed to be taken care of.
So you want to know who won the name that kit contest? hehehe
First I would like to thank everyone that took the time to enter,there were so many kewl entries but unfortunately I could only pick one winner, So without further ado I present you
Casual Sophistication!
The winning entry came from Jeni A, CONGATULATIONS Jeni! you will be recieviing the entire kit plus some exclusive items just for you,This was alot of fun and I'm thinking about doing one contest a month maybe with different themes or just a name that kit contest so be sure to keep coming back to see :o) Here's my newest kit
~Casual Sophistication~
This kit is huge and jammed packed with tons of neat stuff
You can purchase this kit at my
5 Bows
3 Tied ribbons
2 Wrinkled ribbons
2 Tags
5 Brads
3 Buttons
3 Beautiful Laceups
2 Beaded strings
2 Bow charms
3 Buckled Ribbons with bows
3 Flowers
2 Leave stems
1 Envelope with a wax seal
1 Wax seal~with CS stamped on
3 Frames
6 Papers

Again thank you for all who participated :o)